Design your own Table

Of course we boast an array of our own tables, but we also offer the opportunity for clients to use their creativity and imagination into creating their own TABLE, as there is something intrinsically beautiful in wood in its natural form. What we’ve done is weve combined epoxy combined with the intrinsic beauty of wood and transformed it into a true masterpiece without loosing the nature of its form and character. This method has lead to the creation of furniture that are true to their natural forms.
Our services
For our team of experts furniture is not just a part of your interior.


we use an array of different types of solid wood, high end epoxy resin and also quality materials from leading manufacturers and distributors in the industry, in order to create the best possible product. Our mission is to emphasise every single detail, so your finished product can be perfect.


our aim at KV design is handcrafting to be at a level that it is valued highly by customers. Crafting every table requires a lot of time effort and attention to detail. This all comes into display in the final product and its durability.


we aim to bring back the feeling of innateness in interior. This is why your table will be fully natural with a 100% solid wood piece. In addition to that, we plant a tree for every single order we receive.
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