KV Design is a team of professionals, and we believe that our custom made furniture is not simply part of the interior design. We use high quality wood and epoxy resin in the production of unique state of the art products. Our ideology is that our tables are not solely to be used for their main purpose, but also to be observed and enjoyed as a piece of art. Hence, we combine functionality and elegance into the creation of a captivating and complex product.


For the production of our furniture we strive at selecting the highest quality materials from leading brands on the market. We invest endless hours of manual labour in the making of every single element part of our furniture. However, every order is strictly delivered within no more than 4 weeks.


One of the most common questions that we receive is: Where can our products be found? We have displayed a variety of them in the showroom of Rea4 (str. Shipka 41, Sofia, Bulgaria), Domko, and others. We can also schedule a visit at our facility and show you the range of products that we have already finished. Please, just contact us, so we can further discuss the details.


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